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Watch For A Pullback


Heavy institutional selling, or Distribution, Thursday stands out strong for the week.

The market is telling us it’s lost some hunger for higher territory. Watch for a pullback.


Show of Force

The Dow and S&P 500 posted strong Accumulation Wednesday in a show of force from institutional grade buyers.

Volume patterns over the past week suggested a drying up of sellers. If doesn’t go down, it goes up.

But a glance at the weekly charts shows major overhead resistance to be dealt with by the indexes. Nothing ever goes straight up.

We’re still on the hunt for top-earning companies with stocks setting up in sound technical bases.


Song Remains The Same


Song remains the same.

Another day of declining selling volume is a clear sign of institutions unwilling to dump shares at these levels.

While we anticipate a pulling back of the major indexes to the 50-day moving averages, the longer price-action goes sideways the more the averages will move higher.

On The Back Of A Flu


Despite what the media tells you, the market did not crumble on Swine Flu fears today.

Ultra-light selling on the back of a flu that hit 11 people in the U.S. (all of which are recovered or recovering) is no knee-jerk.

Bulls want to see selling dry up in here. It’s an ongoing analysis. Just one day isn’t a whole lot to change any biases.

We’re still anticipating some kind of pullback to the major moving averages for the broader indexes.

But any more heavy-selling Distribution, like we had in previous weeks, will be further evidence to remain Bearish.

Maintaining A Bearish Bias


The broader market has been holding on after heavy sell-volume set in the last two weeks.

We’re maintaining a Bearish bias. But further consolidation above the 50-day average may give us indication of a market that doesn’t want to go down.

Never fight the tape.

Picking Up The Pace


Buyers picked up the pace Thursday as volume ticked in above Wednesday’s total.

Tuesday’s heavy selling, or Distribution, means little with the trend of institutional buyers still intact.

But sooner or later we’ll likely see some near-term topping signals.

We’ll see it with heavy selling volume.

No matter what the newsies say, it has always boiled down to price and volume.

And we’ll back our 80% annualized returns with that!

Respecting the Dominant Trend


Wednesday’s rally looks weak compared to Tuesday’s Distribution.

We’re respecting the dominant trend up. After a multi-weak rally we can’t be too excited about heavy selling.

But should we get more Distribution, that’s institutional grade selling, we’ll take it as a clear warning for Bulls.

Our overall market bias remains Bearish until we see more consolidation above the 50-day moving average.

Tune In Tomorrow


Monday was pretty much a non-event.

We’re still trend up for the time being.

Question is when will the dominant downtrend of this market challenge the Bulls???

Tune in tomorrow…

Don't Fight The Tape


Don’t fight the tape.

Thursday’s major move for the broader market once again came on high buy-volume.

We see the 850 level, or here abouts, as a resistance mark.

Let’s see how it handles in here…

Just what we want to see


This is a script for the Bulls.

Buyer dominated volume above the 50-day moving averages for the major indexes is just what we want to see.

As seller volume dries up on down days, like it has been for for the past couple weeks, we feel less inclined to keep our Bearish bias on.

But we move slow.

Analysis of the market for our time frame of trading is best done on a weekly basis.

But as long as things continue to hold up, we expect that top-rated stocks will eventually setup as buys.